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Some of the different work we have done the last few years.

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Your products will be launched when you as the customer are satisfied.

Who's who?

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The inspiration for our name
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This is some of the work i have done.


We can deliver a range of products thanks to our network and team. From websites to mobile apps, prints to email-templates and so on. We love learning new things here at Skalling.no, so there is no task that is big enough.

Brand & Strategy

Wich end-users do you want to reach with your media plattform? We consulate you on finding the necassery products you will need.

Web & Interface

We want to build your products with internet's cutting edge technology. With collaboraion of the old technology.

Photo & Video

Our network of freelancers will grant your wishes.

CMS & eCommerce

WooCommerce and other small shops built in Wordpress

Who am I ?

I have a lot of Experience with all sorts of computer tech and software


Ørjan Isaksen

Web Designer and Coder

A multi-talented person with a lot of different skills. stribe to learn new technology. Also an consultant




Adobe Creative Suite, html, React, css, php, wordpress, bootstrap Windows, Mac os, Office, javascript, node, + +



Udemy, youtube tutorials and FreeCodeCamp

React, React-Native, Swift, Xcode, ARkit, Express, Mongodb, jQuery, CSS, HTML + +

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  • Oslo, Norway
  • oerjan_isaksen @ hotmail . com
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