School portal Nesodden kommune

The biggest reason for making this website was the thought about all the frustrated parents who had to scroll wast amount of times to get hold of information about there kids schools. And that they needed a fast, responsive, concrete and mobile-friendly website, with UX/edit-standards that helped the users ability to concentrate on the information, rather than the design of the web-page.

The old school portal was entirely made for desktop, so all the dropDownMenu-links was hidden down at the bottom of the mobile-design. And when there are many pages and menus, and 3-4 level linking some places you could imagine in a stressed situation, how it would be to have to scroll many pages down to find the correct link or information.

And after a while working on the Acos CMS platform and got used to the possibilities it has, I decided to utilize the FAQ-module to be the accordion-buttons for all of the «more information» links on all pages, or where all the information on one subject could be placed. I reduced the number of linked pages with almost half by using the FAQ built-in module. Also by setting some standards for which type of information on certain pages, and by taking away all the unnecessary pages, we even reduced the pages/links even more.

I also had to take into account that the web-editors on all the schools had to be either taught how to use the «new» back-end for editing their school’s info. Or I could make use of Acos CMS built-in possibility to cross-publish articles, search, FAQ, images and so on, on different portals under the same main platform. So republished all the articles on the new school portal, and made them fit the layout that the School portal is using. So no need for learning the web-editors something new, they only have to take into account the new layout, standards, and limitations. Edit-preview-publish.

The wish and goal for the school portal site are that it is the main information channel for all the schools, teachers,  kids and parents on Nesodden.

I made it with purpose, goal, and curiosity of how I could use the Acos CMS platform more broader and efficient.

Testing and setting the standards was done in collaboration with one school and the administration.