Nesodden kommune re-built to mobile-friendly

When I started at Nesodden kommune as a WebAdmin/Developer hospitant/voluntary two-three days a week, I had experience with making websites with plain HTML/CSS, Joomla and WordPress, and react-based/bootstrap/HTML5/CSS3 solutions. I had also been testing a lot of different platforms for the joy of experience and curiosity.

Acos CMS I understood all the basics in a couple of days and started to dig deeper into the possibilities the platform had to offer. I soon found out, after correcting all those broken links, words and information on the website, that it was challenging to navigate on a mobile when visiting the site. So I looked around inside Acos CMS for possibilities to change how the site could show the user on a mobile information, in a more efficient and less-scrolling way. That without the use of a new CSS-script or embedding a snippet/widget, but only with the use of the modules that lies inside the Acos platform. So the FAQ module was the choice of tool for navigating on the mobile, and at the same time, it worked fairly good on desktop-viewing also. By also taking away the javascript generated imagemap-type of a left-sidebar menu, we reduced load time of the frontpage/subpages with almost half the time.

Since it is a national official website,, it has to follow some standards that DIFI is the one who sets and surveil here in Norway. And by making the site more efficient and mobile-friendly, has now a fairly high score at DIFI`s standards rate scale. 

It was a big job to migrate all the pages to the new navigation-system. The job included some editing on all articles, making of all the new FAQ`s, change the layout style and so on. And at the same time I had to function as the Webadmin, answering the public questions that came from the website, learn some of the staff to use Acos CMS, design rollups and brochures, publish news and make new ideas.

SEO was also one thing we worked on to get better search results.

The main goal was to give the public of Nesodden kommune a more mobile-friendly website that is intuitive within the bounds of possibilities the Acos CMS platform has.

Made with the passion for thinking about the user first!